I want to show you some reactions of happy past clients on this page. It is my goal to add your reactions on this page also. Read through the testimonials and then click the Schedule button at the top of the page so we can get started.


      "I just finished body code. It was really amazing! I have detoxified from parasites as well as mold. I feel amazing also released alot of emotional baggage as well .

      I highly recommend this service if you are looking to learn and experience something amazing to make you feel great and much lighter!"

     Terry M., Sarasota, Florida



      "How is it possible to have 2 long distance sessions with Gene and have a 50% improvement in my digestive/elimination problems that I've had all my life? I don't know, but he did something numerous doctors, chiropractors, hypnotists and other 'healers' were unable to do over the past 65 years."

      "All I can say is thank you, Gene. It's a miracle and a tremendous release and relief."

      Alan F., Toronto, Canada




      "Gene has helped me end pain from my back and knee, all without medication. I was limping badly and unable to straighten my leg for years. I now lead a normal life getting lots of exercise. I feel strong again at age 66."

      Charlotte P., Haddam, Connecticut



Sessions are conveniently conducted by telephone. Distance is not an issue.